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How to Sell with Craig’s List Free Online Ads – Yahoo Voices –

If you’re stuck for money, you’ll be able to sell a number of your things that has a free online ad on Craig’s List. This community listing is currently available from the United States, Asia and Europe, and offers online with free streaming ads that permit you to reach people with your community. And though you will find there’s risk of scams and even crime whenever using Craig’s List, you’ll be able to avoid these unpleasant pitfalls by using steps to optimize your online for free ads and protect your privacy. Here’s everything you should know to securely sell with online for free ads on Craig’s List.
Get Started on Craig’s List
Prepare an item you want to sell on Craig’s List. Scrub it until it shines, then take pictures having a digital camera. Make sure to make use of a small picture setting on your own camera, or why not be prepared to resize the look with Microsoft Paint or maybe a similar sort of software. For online ads on Craig’s List never exceed 100Kbs per picture.
Free Ad Title and Price
Free online ads on Craig’s List haven’t any word limit. But a quick ad is a bit more likely to result in a fast sale. Choose a quick 4 word title that describes them as clearly as you can. For example: For Sale 2006 Ducati ST4. Decide on the value, because will appear beside your title if you place your free ad on Craig’s List. To determine the best price, look for equivalent MSRP’s on the web and keep a note in the figure to incorporate in the body on the ad.
Free Craig’s List Ad Content
Begin by stating what item is designed for sale, repeat the cost, you need to include the MSRP as proof that you will be offering plenty. Advise in the condition of them. “Like New” shows that the items is 100% flawless. Buyers may doubt your word, therefore, use objective, rational terms. Explain briefly your purpose in selling, the time you have owned the product, and whether the purchase price is negotiable. It is best to go with a good price right away and avoid all negotiation by stating in your online for free ad that the value is firm. Finally, state within the add that serious inquiries are most welcome and you will be answered the same day.
Find Your Ad Category on Craig’s List
Go to Craig’s List and select your country and city. Click on anything under the “For Sale” section. Now, around the right hand corner of one’s screen, you will notice the word “Post”. Click on it and pick a category that best fits the product you would like to sell. If two categories apply, find out but be ready to repost the put in a few days beneath the second category, if your first doesn’t pan out. (Be aware that Craig’s List relation to use forbid placing the same ad by 50 percent categories simultaneously.) Finally, select the specific community location that you intend to reach with your online for free ad on Craig’s List.
Post Your Free Online Ad
Now, paste the ad you wrote in to the blank box. Add your 4 word title at the summit, with the cost and location. Remember to incorperate your email address and select the option to “anonymize” it, so those who contact you do not see your actual email. (This will prevent future spam mail.) Add your 4 pictures and press “Continue”. In the next page review the online with free streaming ad and select “edit” or “continue”. Accept the Terms of Use of Craig’s List to publish your online ad.
Your Craig’s List Account
If you have now an account with Craig’s List, you can track your ad by signing in. If you don’t a message will be delivered to you after all this to activate your. In either case, you will need to read the confirmation email from Craig’s List to be able to activate your online for free ad.
Keep a Record
Keep a copy of one’s ad, photos and date of posting since your Craig’s List ad will expire in few days. You can always repost it from then on. When buyers contact you, be ready to give a phone number so you’ll be able to speak, try not to give your address. Only after you might have spoken on the person and still have assessed they sound serious and reliable in the event you continue with establishing a time to meet up with. Be forewarned that meeting buyers somewhere apart from your home is not just a guarantee of safety. Use good sense and caution in determining if the buyer sounds credible. And have somebody else present along with you when meeting the consumer.
Common Craig’s List Scams to Avoid
You will likely receive one or more response to your online ad that has to have the product shipped for many years, once you receive a cashier’s check. Avoid these propositions. Craig’s List works best within the community, after you meet the other individual and trade for cash. Be sure to invest in a counterfeit bill detector pen. These are cheap all of which will allow you find out if the money is a great one.
Crime and Craig’s List
Recently there’s a rise in crimes regarding Craig’s List advertising. Buyers make a scheduled visit to match the seller, then rob him. In mid-2010, Seattle, a person was murdered when in front of his son, as being the robbers fled by having an expensive ring, that have been the sale item. As always, when confronted with strangers, be careful. Most people are fair and honest, but you are very likely to receive one or more dubious respond to your Craig’s List ad. Reject suspicious responses whether or not they sound promising. It’s not worth a chance.
More Selling Tips
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