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Village Voice Media/ ???shame upon you??? – Manchester abusive relationships

As folks an organization called MoveOn can confirm, we have a letter published by a 13 year-old girl that is certainly addressed for this organization, containing sparked outrage and disbelief. With the help of her mother, this young child started a petition on She decided she could be a force to get reckoned with, so furnished with knowledge well beyond her early teen years; she’s advising others of some atrocities that come about right under our noses; inside the guise of ads. Her letter begins this way:
‘Dear MoveOn member,
‘My name is Victoria, and I’m 13 years of age. I recently learned that girls as little as me are increasingly being sold for sex by people having a classifieds website called’ You can buy and selling stuff on, seek out an apartment, or locate a job. That is all cool. But pimps are utilizing to promote girls my maturity to men twice a comparative age and older, that is not okay.’
‘It makes me so upset to consentrate that every night while I sleep safely during my bed, there are many girls whorrrre spending the night time being raped and abused.’ is of Village Voice Media. They look at news’they understand that pimps have advertised girls for sex from the adult area of their website, but to date Village Voice Media has refused to adopt down the section. That’s why, by making use of my mom, I started a petition on to share with to shut the adult section so that ladies aren’t dealt with for sex by sick people while using site.’
‘I recently became friends which has a girl who has been advertised by her pimp on She’s 13 yrs . old just like me. What happened to her can be so scary. I don’t want any girl to discover that. Kids should play, for being free, also to go to bed nightly and have sweet dreams. Let’s make them do that. Please sign my petition on and share it with the friends. The petition says: ‘Village Voice Media: Please eliminate the adult portion of your website,, where girls are advertised for sex. No one must be able to use Backpage to obtain or sell somebody else. Girls will not be commodities. Thanks! ‘Victoria, age 13 (and Mary Pannell, my mom)
Hopefully you will find those available in a sane world If you treasured this article so you would like to collect more info relating to backpage posting services please visit our web site. that want to do something about this, and end such commercials that promote child prostitution. If you want to offer the work of MoveOn Civic Action, be advised: This organization is entirely funded by 7 million members’no corporate contributions, no big checks from CEOs. And our tiny staff makes certain that small contributions significantly help.’ Chip in here.
Gender may not be an exclusive thing in life of enslavement and torture. Many others who are suffering are young males too. These are young people that should be shopping playing kick ball, soccer, as well as other engaging sports and fun activities. They must be worrying a good upcoming test in Earth Science, and actually talking to their BFF on the cell phone for endless hours before bedtime. Their beds needs to be warm and inviting, and have absolutely caring family to tuck them in or at best a warm hug and snuggle to cap off the evening.
Teens, by using their hormones and also other stimuli evidenced in the news and music already are involved within a constant bombardment of what is right and what is wrong. Minds that are certainly not thoroughly cultivated to gauge sexual matters maturely usually become stimulated adversely. Their knowledge has limitations to rushed and hushed phone conversations, and undercover liaisons using a hidden magazine that only paralyzes their brains, escalating the angst too common in the individual.
The adults who’d put these teens in dangerous situations via ads of this type apparently need intense therapy and counseling it appears It would be also apparent how the abusers are afflicted by some sort of childhood sexual trauma themselves, and research indicates this to become valid.
What is next? We support organizations much like these mentioned in the following paragraphs. ‘Save the Children’ is not merely an over-used clich??. It is though, an important task to consider on, unfalteringly, as well as the sooner the higher.
here to incorporate your name to the petition, and after that pass it along for a friends.
here to inform Village Voice Media to avoid allowing young girls to get sold for sex on