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Frustrated C-lister starts own classified site – San Francisco Craigslist Watchdog

Alaska resident Mike Baker got so tired with having his Craigslist ads inexplicably banned that this started their own list,
Indeed flagging of posts often may seem to reflect getting some sort of cosmic Murphy’s Law. While some innocuous posts get flagged off as quick as they possibly can be reposted, other thoroughly vile or idiotic posts threaten to outdo King Tut’s tomb from the longevity department.
Baker was selling home made dog houses, which won’t seem like a hateful enterprise. For those who have any concerns about wherever and the best way to employ backpage ad posting software, you can call us from our own web site. Nonetheless, the canine condo postings got shot down continually.
On Baker’s free classified site, users avoid getting to moderate:
Now you can shop Baker’s ads for those sort of stuff including categories to never be found on Craigslist, including guns and pets.