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Business Case: Use Information to Efficiently Target Process Improvement Efforts by Christopher Bernstein – iSnare Ezine Articles

Stuff happens! In more technical terms, deviations, often known as variances or “errors and accidents,” occur. Good manufacturing practices reflected in regulatory requirements dictate these incidents be documented and investigated to lose or, no less than, minimize their recurrence.
Deviations negatively affect productivity and profits. Documenting and investigating deviations takes staff time which reduces deviations and, consequently, increases productivity, staff morale, product quality, client satisfaction, and profitability.
The business question for you is how to get If you enjoyed this article and you would certainly such as to obtain more information relating to backpage posting service abs system vbox7 kindly visit our site. the top return for the investment of staff time already being expended in documenting and investigating deviations.
The OTIS®–Blood Bank software system minimizes staff amount of time in documenting incidents while maximizing the details returned – data in and actionable information out!
Let’s talk minimum investment!
Minimum Money
We are excited to provide a $6,000 discount – 1/3 away from the normal tariff of $18,000 – to advertise our just released OTIS®-Blood Bank Version 7. Normally, the amount is per site. To sweeten the sale for institutions with multiple sites, were offering additional site licenses for just $2,000 per site after dark first site bought at the low price. These offers are great through July 6, 2012.
There are NO “per seat” fees. OTIS might be installed on numerous workstations if required at each site at no additional cost.
Minimum Risk
Available inside a downloadable (simply click here), try-before-you-buy, risk-free mode.
Minimum Time
Easy to set up – about a minute or so per workstation.
Easy to customize.
Easy to validate.
Easy and intuitive to utilize, duplicated by live, online training and tech support.
Easily enter incident descriptions and associated deviation codes with just 1 or 2 clicks.
Let’s talk maximum return on your investment!
Impact the Bottom Line
One institution using OTIS identified strategies to save $32,000 each year in their blood bank.
Another institution (which has a donor center, a processing lab, and transfusion services) used OTIS to lower their FDA reportable events by 64%, while increasing production volume and decreasing staff on the same period of time.
Maximize Productivity
Spend a shorter time collecting data and have a dramatically higher information yield from your data collected.
The business question for you is “Do you’re employed for your data collection system (paper-and-pen, Excel®, Word®, Access®, etc.), or does one’s body work for you?” The answer really relies on how quickly and easily actionable information might be extracted from the body because the reason for data collection just isn’t data collection, but information generation. How does your whole body measure with this metric?
Easily target process improvement efforts – trending information by SOPs, employees, deviation codes, etc. can be acquired with one-click. Instant counts of SOPs, employees, deviation codes, etc. displayed that has a second click.
Easily answer ad hoc queries via “Filtering” – no programming required. E.g., Filter by deviation code, employee, SOP, key term, etc.
OTIS provides automated alerts to assistance with meeting FDA reporting deadlines and avoiding FDA citations for missing reporting deadlines.
Satisfy (Impress) Inspectors
OTIS meets or exceeds the regulatory requirements from the FDA, AABB, CAP and The Joint Commission.
Different inspectors on different teams from different organizations have independently described OTIS to be a “Best Practice.”This post offered by guest author Christopher who contributes regularly on many topics including Blood management software. Visit us now at and download OTIS 7.0 and try it free of charge!